Position Report: April 13, 2016

April 13, 2016

Position: 2º 58.536′ N 95º 57.258′ E
We are just off Pulau Simelu now, but it’s too late to make landfall tonight. Beyond that, we heard of a lovely little island just south of here that we are eager to see. We should make it before midday tomorrow.

Today was spent mostly motoring. The kids signed up for my new Jr Watchkeeper Program and have racked up over ten sightings each. It’s great to see them excited about this. Miles is a pretty talented radar technician already.

We got the sails up just before dinner and were visited by the cutest dolphin babies, shortly thereafter. The wind decided to leave the party with the sun though, so we are left with the faintest puff. It’s enough to maintain steerage so we will enjoy the peace while it lasts.

All is well.

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