What Broke

May 3, 2012

Well we have covered about 3000 miles since we left Mexico and as any passage maker can attest, stuff breaks. I was actually kind of surprised by what broke and, by and large, how quickly and easily it was repaired. Most of our damage was small, interior, and caused by our kids. I left a lot of the little stuff off this list because it was already getting long.  A few of the breaks were avoidable, and we have learned some good preventative maintenance lessons (like don’t let the sails flog at all). The remainder was either just old boat stuff, or general maintenance.

Thing that broke Cause Solution
Hanging Locker door handle Miles tied something on it and pulled I used a barrel lock that I had in spares
Silverware drawer handle old plastic still broken
Spinnaker Washed overboard ordered a new one
Main sheet car Too much flogging will replace when I find the spare
Mascerator Not quite sure re-plumbed the whole darn thing
Starboard portlight (large) I broke it while rebedding will replace in Tahiti
Toilet Seat lid (forward) The kids probably epoxy, right now it just rests
Bilge pump wiring, obstructions, etc constant supervision
All DC power found a corroded battery jumper fixed with some spare 2/0 and lugs that I had in spares, also replaced the terminal bolt
SSB/HAM Radio power button Vick turned it on
Starter Battery bilge pump directly connected generator…phew!
Countless Plumbing Problems (seriously 2/week) Fresh water pump too powerful replumb. reblumb. replumb. repeat.
Salt water pump in galley Miles stepped on it Used the foot pump I got Vick for Christmas
Fresh water faucet in galley crappy faucet rusted turned it off and used pressure filter water
Topping lift shackle broke flogging Dyneema
Oar on dingy no freakin clue none yet
both pot handles rust or misuse screwdriver and muscle
Stanchions/chainplate covers leaked caulk failed rebedded both inner lowers and several stanchions, no leaks so far
Boom vang lost 3 bolts preventer/galvanic corrosion turns out they stripped their threads, will need to rivet and reconsider preventer system
Gooseneck. 2 bolts constantly loosening preventer reconsider preventer system
Three blades on fan in refrigerator operator error if we loose a 4th I will replace the fan from spares. each blade also represents a medium sized gash in an operator’s finger


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