Countdown: 99 Days To Go

June 11, 2011

We just passed the 100 day mark. On the upside, the anticipation of this 90º course change in our life has all of us sparkling. The recent addition of two Blue Latitudes cruiser’s guides to our library has us ooohing and ahhing over lovely color photos of turquoise bays and vibrant seaside towns. I’ve also become enamored with  the laid back, islandy sound  of my ukulele, often playing it all evening instead of knocking items off my todo list.

Which brings me to the downside of being under 100 days. As it stands, I have 115 items on the todo list (free registration required). With any luck I’ll knock one off today (Monitor Install). With 114 remaining projects in 90something days, maybe it’s time to suspend my “don’t postpone joy” philosophy for a few months.



I realized several days late that our math was off (probably the result of averaging). Thanks to some handy javascript we now have an accurate countdown (101 day). At the time of publication our actual countdown was 104 days.

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