Installation Blitz Begins

May 14, 2011

The Garhauer Rigid Boom Vang arrived today. This is the first major system install since the windlass and it marks the beginning of a series of complex installs that will last until we shove off. I didn’t really think it would be all that difficult when I ordered it at the boat show. “Just drill a few holes, tap them, and bolt it on,” I thought. But when I started lining it up I realized I would need to dust off some of that trig that I had forgotten 15+ years ago. A few well written blog posts later I’m feeling much better about the install. I’ll try round two tomorrow (and document it if you’re lucky).

The next project will be the Monitor Windvane. That should arrive Tuesday. With any luck I’ll have it installed before Memorial Day so we can use it as we tool around the Bay on our 3 day weekend cruise.

July 1st we’ll get our life raft. I will need to fabricate a set of stand-offs to go over the forward compainionway hatch rails, that will be easy if I can find bar stock and a bender. But that’s not something I’ve started to look into yet.

At some point I will need to find a window to order and install solar and the water maker. Once those are aboard we’ll be ready to head south. There is so much to do and so few weekends to do it all (18 if that counter is correct) that I’m really feeling the excitement/pressure of it all.


  1. Comment by Cidnie Carroll via Facebook

    Cidnie Carroll via Facebook May 15, 2011 at 1:07 pm

    Your site still hates my comments. 🙁 So you guys changed your mind on the watermaker. What changed it for you and which one are you going to install?

  2. Comment by forgeover via Facebook

    forgeover via Facebook May 15, 2011 at 7:17 pm

    Cid, This comment showed up on Forgeover too thanks to my handy WP plugin. I think Forgeover will accept your comments if you leave out your URL or use the same email address that your blog knows about.

    Anyway, our minds were changed by math. 110 gallons of tankage on Convivia ÷ 5 gal per Jerry Can = 22 trips back and forth to the water source. This might not be so bad in MX but in the South Pacific, where the fresh water might be found 5 miles up a mountain on an unmarked trail, well I am thinking that our 30 minute walk to the shower (6 min w/ out kids) might look easy after a few such trips.

    We are thinking hard about the Spectra Cape Horn.

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