Dyneema® Update

April 19, 2011

I met Kevin Coughlin of New England Ropes (NER) this weekend. New England Ropes is the vendor that will be providing the finished Dyneema® product, and Kevin has been awesome so far at liaising between us and the contest organizers.

I finalized our inventory (who would have guessed what a project that would be) and sent it off with some additional questions. From NER the Dyneema® spools will be sent to West Marine in Connecticut Newport, RI for splicing and then out to us to install on Convivia. He expects it to be here in 3ish weeks.

That should give me just enough time to install the new vang and the new Spinlocks for the reefing lines and outhaul. I’ll keep you all updated as the process unfolds. Once again, a huge thank you to New England Ropes and DSM Dyneema® for re-rigging Convivia for her big trip!

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