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March 17, 2011

We just got the word from the contest organizers. s/v Convivia will begin her circumnavigation with all new running rigging provided by Dyneema and their partners. This prize is doubly sweet for our crew. First it provides us with an outstanding spring board of safety and performance for our round the world trip. Second our old lines, which still have some life left, will be outstanding backups. Extreme disasters notwithstanding, we shouldn’t need to buy new lines before we cross our path.

We hardly got here alone. Dyneema deserves huge props for providing us with this opportunity but we never could have risen to the challenge without the enormous support of our friends, family, and tribe. Huge thanks to my mom, Victoria’s mom, A. Ann, A. Judy, C. PJ, Tim Russell, Bonnie Russell, Tracy Donahue, Carol Bickford, The Herndons, Bob Bickford, Brenda Sousa, Kim Boyle, Laurie Crane, Ben Sanchez, Shyla Pivin, Sarah Swanson-Dexel, Charity Terry-Lorenzo, Cindy Wallach, Cidnie Carrol, Laureen Hudson, Carol Pierson, and Jennifer Logan for sending out emails, writing blog posts, and plugging our team at every opportunity*. Thanks also to all of our Facebook (and IRL) friends that reposted (ad nauseum) our solicitations and spread the word, you all are awesome!

This is just the beginning. Throughout the summer sailing season, Dyneema will pose smaller challenges with prizes along the way and one Grand Prize at the end (September). Stay tuned and we’ll let you know what’s next for the Dyneema® Experience Team Convivia!



Team Convivia 2011 Honor Roll:

Janna Cawrse esarey
Martha Bradford
Victoria Bradford
Timothy Russell
Diana Evans
Mary-louise Russell
Tracy Donahue
Kate Aleo
Michael Aleo
Mary Boothby
Tom Boothby
John Bradford
Carol Bickford
Nancy Phillips
Jane Kalinski
Sarah Herndon
Bob Bickford
Brenda Sousa
Sara Johnson
Kim Boyle
J Mckenna
Deirdré Straughan
Lourdes Cahuich
Elizabeth Eaton
Ben Sanchez
Mead Norton
Cindy Wallach
Jon Logan
Ann Phillips
Allen Cohen
Amy Karlgut
Steve Brockbank
Laura Aleo
Jane frost Jane
Simon Frost
Jennifer Logan
Carol Pierson
Jennifer pierson Pie..
Andrew Pierson
Charity Terry-lorenz..
Maria O’shea
Joy Blaser
Silka Werness
Melissa Polk
Nicholas Licht
Lara Scriba
Lynda Otvos
Jack Sullivan
Heather Clark
Judy Stott
Lynn Watson
Jennifer Bisek
Serena Li
Leeanne Bloye
Verne Bradford
Alane Murdock
Kate Thota
Nicole Murray
Ariel Valencia
Cindy Howard
Darliegh Webb
Sarah S-d
Nancy Swanson
Catalina Ventura
Emma Golda
Kathie Veillette
Jen Bugnatto
Chris holt Chris
Ken Okutake
Abigail Vr
Pete Bugnatto
Caroline Cox
Keila Blanco
Tara Mitchell
Cidnie Carroll
Emily Mcdowell
Jessika Hudson
Linda Mcmullen
Barbara Colucci
Pete Dragula
Doug Vibbert
Wesley Fredenburg
Jennifer Fredenburg
Estelle Dodson
Brian Murray
David Drazen
Penny Bryant
Lauren Fogarty
Aarti Turuvekere
Shyla Weathers
Andrea Huyck
Anabel Fitzmedrud
Sophia Fitzmedrud
Elisabeth Montegna
Jenn Albertine
Craig Weir
Katelyn Cashman
Patrick Richardson
Jack Richardson
Rachel Pelletier
Merileigh Moen
Robert Dusablon
Roland Dreier
Heather Freels
Kristin Tedesco
Nicole Palermo cris..
Laurie Crane
Louise Aleo
Tara Parsons
Gwen Jensen
Diana Roberts
Laura Hamilton
Emily Nathan
Barbara Gerard
Athena Weathers
Merlin Weathers
John Jones
Michele Brann
Paula France
Ann Meredith
Jessica Troisi
Ellen Kunkle
Janie Miniutti
Indre Bernard
Lisa pelletier Harmo..
Gabriel Bernard
Helen Thorgalsen
Estelle Cohen
Cody Pelletier
Lin Burgess
Tonya Wellington
Paul Wheeler
John Burgess
Laureen Hudson
Tobin Spohr
Daniel pelletier Dp6..
Ellen Brain
Jeffrey Engel
Eileen Rounds
Emily Enger
Gabrielle Lorenzo
Eric Fitzmedrud
Casey Mcmullen
Mary jane Renz schle..
Heather Palmer
Caleen Meehan
Chase Young
Donna West
Emily Kilker
Nicole Kurtz
Alicia Troisi
Melanie Melanie
Ellen Pelletier
Mitzi Carter
Behan Gifford
Chris Wible
Bethan Bailey
Jenna Robertson
Team redan Good wind..
Molly O’rourke
Jenne Wible
Annie Grossjohann
Chris Wible
* If I somehow forgot your name here, please let me know so I can grovel for forgiveness.


  1. Comment by MaryJane Renz Schleich via Facebook

    MaryJane Renz Schleich via Facebook March 17, 2011 at 7:25 pm

    When I got the e-mail this am from Dyneema I whooped and hollered! You’d think I was going with you. I am psyched for you guys!

  2. Comment by Heather

    Heather March 18, 2011 at 2:06 pm

    Hooray! Very happy that some of our favorite family boat bloggers made the cut. 🙂

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