hellO 2011

January 2, 2011

2010 was an amazing year. Among the many significant milestones were our first family cruise, the purchase of our dreamboat, the jettisoning of most of our worldly possessions to move on to said dreamboat, lost teeth, first bike rides and first ocean passage. Our transition to boat life, despite it’s smells, minimalism, and tight quarters has created a stronger, happier, more cooperative family than we had on land. 2010 looked like a very hard act to follow.

But 2011, oh 2011. If we can hit our goal with even 75% accuracy this will be a bumper year. If we do nothing else, we will plan for and depart on a sailing trip around the world. This  has been our family’s largest, most ambitions, and most consistent goal for 10 years. Ruby and Miles were both born with the promise of an eventual trip around the world. Looking back, so many of their most precious observations, thoughts, and dreams have revolved around the themes of sailing, travel, and being together as a family. When we took our test run to Catalina both kids volunteered that it was their favorite vacation ever, they couldn’t wait until it was every day.

I wish it were our every day too. Sailing,  fathering, adventuring, and living with purpose  is what I’m here for. I have spent 15 years working in technology and there is plenty about my career that I am grateful for, but it is not what defines me. In some ways I am envious of those who can derive their sense of self worth from their work. It would certainly be more efficient. If I’m not mistaken though 2011 will be the year that I finally, cleanly, and deliberately cleave my personal sense of worth and accomplishment from what I have been able to (or not able to) achieve in my work life. There is no question that I will have to work from here on out. I will probably have to work harder than I ever have before. It’s likely that I’ll continue to do IT, and maybe even (in some capacity) for my current employer, but I am quite sure that by November of 2011 when someone asks me “So Tucker, what do you do?” I will reply, “I sail, seek adventure, and love the bejesus out of my wife and kids.”

2011 is going to be The Year of Intention for me. As we culminate towards our goal I will reflect on the deliberate way that we have structured our lives and choices. I will strive to continue to live in a determined and positive way. I will strive to teach my children the values that I most admire in myself and Victoria. I will continue to be mindful of myself, to identify new pathways for growth, and I will attempt find joy, meaning, and beauty in the world wherever it exists. I will do all of this, and share it with you.

Happy New Year.

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