Ship’s Log — December 26th with Krister & Amanda

December 26, 2010

Krister & Amanda came over for coffee this morning and we decided to help each other with a bunch of boat chores in order to (hopefully) save some time for a sail in the afternoon. Krister hoisted me up the mast to retrieve the Christmas lights, and then headed back to Britannia while I put the kids down for nap. I followed him about 30 minutes later and helped figure some stuff out with the storm anchor, and life raft. After putting the headsail on I ran back to Convivia, helped Vick with the last of the stowing and preparing, and headed over to the pump out.

Krister and Amanda met us there around 12:30 and by 1pm we were heading out of the harbor. After the 1,2 markers we headed SW and set the main. Falling off we found that we could make the Berkeley pier in just one tack. As we cleared the wind shed of Treasure Island the wind shifted slightly south and allowed us a straight shot for the Golden Gate. We sailed West until 3ish, dreaming about not turning back, and looking forward to meeting up again in warmer climates.

By the time we were ready to turn back to Emeryville, the wind had shifted again and we reached almost all the way home. Around the East side of Treasure Island the wind shifted one last time (ESE) and we came in close reached.

Krister helped me to strike the sails in record time and we came in just as the sun was setting. I executed one of my all time best reverse docking maneuvers. What made this one so nice was that I managed to use the wind and the prop walk to set Convivia up perfectly in the main fairway. This early set up allowed me to pull straight back without any of the usual S shape that I have to plan on when the wind is not as cooperative.

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