Tons of Free Sailing Kindle Books

October 27, 2010

I just went over to Amazon to rate to the new Toshiba drive I purchased and saw to my excitement that a book by Joshua Slocum was free on Kindle. I snapped it up and then noticed that another of his book and, lo a metric ton of other sailing books were also there for the taking. Many of these are in the public domain, and I’ve discussed how to search for and download them in my last post on the subject. Some however are either new to the public domain, or just lucky finds. I’ll post links at the bottom.

While I was threading through the freebies I noticed an Earth Sciences textbook by an organization called CK-12. I did a quick google and found that CK-12 is a non-profit organization who’s goal is to make a full K-12 curriculum that is up to date and inexpensive. For a homeschool family about to travel on a budget, this is very enticing. If anyone has used this curriculum I would love to hear about it in the comments.

So here is the list (in no particular order):

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