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March 8, 2010

Despite the boat related disappointment this weekend I’ve found myself unexpectedly inspired, motivated, and empowered these last two days. Vick linked me up to the blog of a nomadic family (Happy Janssens) last night, and I kinda went link crazy, hopping around to a bunch of similar blogs. These families’ stories have been a balm on my chapped spirit. This morning the kids and I sat around watching videos from various blogs showing their kids living happy, nomadic, unschooling lives. True our adventure is just where we left it on Friday, but somehow we all feel closer to it.

At work today I finally had The Talk with my boss. It came up naturally enough, and was quite a relief to have it all laid out. I had mentioned our family’s dream in an abstract sense before but was a little surprised that he remembered it and even more surprised that he took it in stride. He even guessed almost to a day when we were planning on leaving—though I’m pretty sure we’ll have to push that back 6+ months now.

Liberated by that disclosure, I spent the remainder of the day kicking ass. We’re in full swing with the Institute’s relocation now, and I just lined up my tasks and knocked them down. I haven’t had focus like this for a few months and it felt good to be back on track.

So regardless of the state of the Windekind deal, I’m feeling more confident than ever that we will, indeed, push off one day; I’m certain that it will be close to our forecasted date; and I’m bolstered by the conviction that it is absolutely the right choice for our  family.

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  1. Comment by Valerie Calvillo

    Valerie Calvillo January 13, 2011 at 3:18 am

    Hey Conviva!!
    My name is Valerie, my family and I are in the process of moving aboard a boat in the East Bay. We are just about finished cleaning out the house of excess and setting up the boat for the family. We are so pleased with our new adventure, like you we are excited to meet others with similar goals. I have been following quite a few liveaboard blogs, finding inspiration and joy in their posts. We would love to meet your family sometime for coffee or park time if it could fit in your schedule.

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