Sunday Morning Coffee Social

February 17, 2009

For the longest time after moving to California, Vick and I were convinced that this was a state (or at least a region) that seriously undervalued community. We were more than a little surprised to find, once Victoria got pregnant, that their was this completely amazing virtual community of parents hidden, Hogwarts style, from our view all that time.

Now years after our first child was born, we’re grateful to be surrounded by wonderful and supportive friends (some even without children), and a strong community. So partly as a celebration of that good fortune, and partly to bolster and encourage a stronger sense of community, we’ve started to hold a weekly Coffee Social.

The concept is simple. Every Sunday we invite all comers to our house at 9am. We’ll make coffee and something baked, and they bring themselves and possibly something that they would like to share. We chat and watch the kids play for an hour or so, and then anyone interested can walk, ride or (sigh) drive to the Mountain View Farmer’s Market.

If you’re near enough to make it, and up and about at 9am, please come.

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