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The Anchorage of Doom!

Cue creepy music. We anchored in the north east conner of Opunohu Bay along with almost every other boat that crossed the Pacific from the Americas. (big exaggeration but it paints the right picture.) It was a tiny anchorage with reefs all around and a very squirrely wind, a perfect recipe for doom (dun dun […]

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Sailing Other Boats

“Ya think we should go out sailing tonight?”  This kind of question only has one right answer. I checked with Vick quickly and when I got the okay I popped back up the companion way to give that right answer. Thirty minutes or so later Ruby, Miles, Victoria, and I joined Chris on his Ranger […]

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Ship’s Log: Oct 18th-20th — Monterrey -> Santa Cruz -> Half Moon Bay

We left Monterrey on Monday the 18th after finally meeting another sailor. Steve, the owner of Boomer (the Cal 40 that we berthed next to) was a wealth of information and a friendly guy to boot. He offered to sail us out and we had a great time taking pictures of each other under sail. […]

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Ship’s Log: Oct 16th — Santa Cruz -> Monterrey

We enjoyed a wonderful farewell brunch with Mike at Linda’s Seabreeze Cafe and then walked back to Convivia. We quickly got her ship shape and were off the fuel dock by noon. The harbor exit was a breeze and we got the sail up pretty quickly. Within a half hour the wind had picked up […]

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Ship’s Log: August 20-22

Victoria, Ruby, Miles, Jacob, Kate, Michael, and I left the dock at Emery Cove around noon on Friday for a 2 night stay at Alaya Cove, Angel Island. We’ve made this trip twice before but never with company. I decided to fill up the third tank (for an alleged total of 110 galons) just in […]

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Ship’s Log: July 18th

Today we tested our “ready to power in under an hour” principal and won with 19 minutes to spare. Our clock started when we arrived back from grocery shopping and stopped when I turned the engine on. The boat was indeed ship shape and we didn’t have any unexpected crashes or bangs (the forward head […]

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Emeryville ? Angel Island

This weekend we took our first family joy ride on Convivia. Saturday morning started out slower than I had hoped, but no slower than I had anticipated. We left the dock around noon and motored out on a slight SW heading past the final markers before setting sail. We tacked three or four times to […]

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Emery Cove -> Richmond

[imagebrowser id=4] The crew (Dave, Karen, Jon, Anika, Ruby and I) met at B dock at noon. The sky was clear blue and the wind was tame. It was looking like a perfect day. We made our way out of the harbor and down the channel and set the sails with a double reef and […]

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