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Photos: Chamela & Barra de Navidad

Chamela For some reason I didn’t take as many pictures as usual, but I did manage to capture the flavor of these two stops, with just a handful of good exposures.  Chamela is an unassuming, quiet harbor frequented (it seems) more by Mexican tourists and RVrs than by cruisers and foreign tourists. I loved the […]

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Tsunami Report

It’s 2:30 PST and the majority of the tsunami seems to have come and gone. Reports from around the Bay seem to be marginally more severe than what we experienced but still nothing serious. We observed 2′ walls of water moving at several knots parallel to the Golden Gate Bridge. Just before the tsunami surge […]

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Ship’s Log: Oct 18th-20th — Monterrey -> Santa Cruz -> Half Moon Bay

We left Monterrey on Monday the 18th after finally meeting another sailor. Steve, the owner of Boomer (the Cal 40 that we berthed next to) was a wealth of information and a friendly guy to boot. He offered to sail us out and we had a great time taking pictures of each other under sail. […]

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Ship’s Log: Oct 16th — Santa Cruz -> Monterrey

We enjoyed a wonderful farewell brunch with Mike at Linda’s Seabreeze Cafe and then walked back to Convivia. We quickly got her ship shape and were off the fuel dock by noon. The harbor exit was a breeze and we got the sail up pretty quickly. Within a half hour the wind had picked up […]

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Ships Log: Oct 9, 2010 — Emery Cove -> Half Moon Bay

Deane, Lisa, & Cian met us at Convivia at the appointed time as we were finishing up our preparations. I called Carl to see if we could use his harness and he helped haul Victoria and I up the mast to do various checks and fixes. We pumped out and tried to fill up the […]

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Flex Like a Dolphin

Rufus told me, when we bought Convivia, that Bill Lapworth designed the Cal 43 to “flex like a dolphin.” Lapworth quickly discovered that any possible performance edge that could possibly be gained by this design was not nearly valuable enough to have to re-tab the bulkheads after every sail. As a result the later Cal […]

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Ship’s Log: August 20-22

Victoria, Ruby, Miles, Jacob, Kate, Michael, and I left the dock at Emery Cove around noon on Friday for a 2 night stay at Alaya Cove, Angel Island. We’ve made this trip twice before but never with company. I decided to fill up the third tank (for an alleged total of 110 galons) just in […]

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Bringing Her Home

[imagebrowser id=1 ] The plan was to meet Allison in Richmond at 9:00 and shuttle the ManVan back to Emeryville where we would pick Jon up and drive back to Richmond. Unfortunately the ManVan had other ideas. Somehow, after hauling a ton of gear over 700 miles, the ManVan decided to give up the ghost […]

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