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Day 0

We did it! I can’t describe the ellation I feel right now as we bob around at anchor in Horseshoe Cove. We set the anchor around 4pm. With the sails already tended to, the only thing to do was flip up the solar panels and tidy up the lines. Then we all retreated to the […]

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Photo Highlights: Santa Cruz Cruise

[imagebrowser id=7]

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Ship’s Log: Oct 18th-20th — Monterrey -> Santa Cruz -> Half Moon Bay

We left Monterrey on Monday the 18th after finally meeting another sailor. Steve, the owner of Boomer (the Cal 40 that we berthed next to) was a wealth of information and a friendly guy to boot. He offered to sail us out and we had a great time taking pictures of each other under sail. […]

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Ship’s Log Oct 10: Pillar Point -> Santa Cruz

We left Pillar Point Harbor (Half Moon Bay) around 10am. The perennial fog blanketed the harbor and mainland but we knew better than to wait for it to blow off. Armed with our trusty chart plotter (INavX for iPad) we made for the channel. Once past the reefs we turned westward and made for the open […]

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Ships Log: Oct 9, 2010 — Emery Cove -> Half Moon Bay

Deane, Lisa, & Cian met us at Convivia at the appointed time as we were finishing up our preparations. I called Carl to see if we could use his harness and he helped haul Victoria and I up the mast to do various checks and fixes. We pumped out and tried to fill up the […]

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Heading to Monterrey Bay

Tomorrow morning we will leave our slip in Emery Cove and head down to Monterrey Bay for two and a half weeks of (mostly) vacation. We will be joined on the passage by crew members Deane, Lisa, and Kian and possibly Carl. We plan to leave early and make it to Half Moon Bay by […]

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