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Ship’s Log — December 26th with Krister & Amanda

Krister & Amanda came over for coffee this morning and we decided to help each other with a bunch of boat chores in order to (hopefully) save some time for a sail in the afternoon. Krister hoisted me up the mast to retrieve the Christmas lights, and then headed back to Britannia while I put […]

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Ruby’s First Bike Ride

At the risk of overdoing the videos a bit, I will now share Ruby’s First Bike Ride (without training wheels). Yesterday was just such a huge day for her that I had to document and publicize her accomplishments. This morning I broke the news to her that she was going to have to do her […]

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Ships Log: Oct 9, 2010 — Emery Cove -> Half Moon Bay

Deane, Lisa, & Cian met us at Convivia at the appointed time as we were finishing up our preparations. I called Carl to see if we could use his harness and he helped haul Victoria and I up the mast to do various checks and fixes. We pumped out and tried to fill up the […]

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Ship’s Log: August 20-22

Victoria, Ruby, Miles, Jacob, Kate, Michael, and I left the dock at Emery Cove around noon on Friday for a 2 night stay at Alaya Cove, Angel Island. We’ve made this trip twice before but never with company. I decided to fill up the third tank (for an alleged total of 110 galons) just in […]

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Emeryville ? Angel Island

This weekend we took our first family joy ride on Convivia. Saturday morning started out slower than I had hoped, but no slower than I had anticipated. We left the dock around noon and motored out on a slight SW heading past the final markers before setting sail. We tacked three or four times to […]

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Bringing Her Home

[imagebrowser id=1 ] The plan was to meet Allison in Richmond at 9:00 and shuttle the ManVan back to Emeryville where we would pick Jon up and drive back to Richmond. Unfortunately the ManVan had other ideas. Somehow, after hauling a ton of gear over 700 miles, the ManVan decided to give up the ghost […]

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Liveaboard Status… ?

Today I signed the application that will give us live aboard status at our old marina in the East Bay. We’ve been on the waiting list for 10 years and when I called the other day to find out our status, I learned that we had finally made it to the top. This is a […]

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