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The Price We Pay

We are in the yard this month. It’s the price (one of them anyway) that we pay for this tremendous freedom and privilege. For the next 30+ days we will sweat and labour to make Convivia beautiful and sound for the next year and a half of sailing. Our next ocean is a doosie. The […]

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The Best Thanksgiving Ever

Thanksgiving is the best holiday ever invented. Full. Stop. Granted it may come from questionable roots, but what it has become to my family and friends, is a holiday centered around gratitude, relationships, and gluttonous consumption of delectable foods. For a family that has named its home and lifestyle Convivia (a party centered around food […]

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Octopus Tattoo

Today is Christmas Eve day so we did what any normal family would do and got some tattoos. Technically mine was started last night, but we did all of the shading today. Our artist, Roberto Galbiani, an Italian architect-turned-tattoo-genius, was introduced to us by friends that run our favorite cafe (Pablo). If you remember back […]

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Oooh heaven is a place on Earth

Krister summed it up pretty perfectly over margaritas the other night, “This place is like a joke, it’s like they said let’s take all the money the US spends on the military and spend it on public services.” Nail, meet hammer. Brisbane has free museums, free multi-city-block-long-swimming-lagoon-with imported sand, free public transportation in and around […]

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~this moment~ The Definition of Convivia

  A Friday ritual. A single photo capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. – via soulemama.

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About the Crew

Lately I have had to face the fact that not everybody thinks that what we are doing — selling everything, moving on to a boat with 2 small children, and eschewing the comforts of modern civilization in favor of a simpler, crunchier life — is as plain-as-rain normal as I think it is. I first […]

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Ship’s Log: April 2-3 — Horseshoe Cove

“Miles, what was your favorite part of today?” “Anchoring out. Don’t you think it’s everyone’s favorite part? I bet everyone in the world loves anchoring out.”   We almost didn’t anchor here. The Cruising Guide to San Francisco Bay, had more caveats than usual for this anchorage— Don’t even attempt if it’s foggy; you might […]

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Dyneema® Experience: The Top 40

Just got the email, the contest is closed! First, thank you so much to everyone that helped Team Convivia to reach the Top 10. It was so amazing to see our tribe come together in support of our dream like this. Truthfully, that was worth more than the re-rig. But since we’re in the top […]

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About our boat

Warning: the following treatise is a rather dry and detailed accounting of Convivia’s specs and equipment. If you’re not interested in this type of thing, may I suggest one of the following: Why I love boat life, But Planes are Faster, or maybe even hellO 2011.

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Ship’s Log: Emeryville -> Paradise Cove

We are bobbing at anchor in the most aptly named harbor I’ve ever been to. Paradise Cove is at the northern border of Tiburon and seems to have perennial warm sunny days (judging by the homes here, it’s paid for). When we arrived the anchorage was populated by a dozen or so motor and sail […]

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