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Ship’s Log: Oct 16th — Santa Cruz -> Monterrey

We enjoyed a wonderful farewell brunch with Mike at Linda’s Seabreeze Cafe and then walked back to Convivia. We quickly got her ship shape and were off the fuel dock by noon. The harbor exit was a breeze and we got the sail up pretty quickly. Within a half hour the wind had picked up […]

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No Better Life Than This One: Choosing Joy

Today sucked royally. I started the day saddled with the dread of a project (replacing the hot water heater) that I just knew was going to go badly. This project was going to go badly because: I couldn’t get to all of the fittings to measure what size they were and therefore didn’t know for […]

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Emeryville ? Angel Island

This weekend we took our first family joy ride on Convivia. Saturday morning started out slower than I had hoped, but no slower than I had anticipated. We left the dock around noon and motored out on a slight SW heading past the final markers before setting sail. We tacked three or four times to […]

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