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Ruby and the Jedi Mind Trick

It all started last weekend when Ruby and Anika started angling for a sleepover No Ru, you didn’t have a nap today and it just wouldn’t be a good idea, Vick calmly states. I will have a sleepover, Ruby corrects. Ruby, listen to your moma, she said no, says I. Daddy, Anika and I will […]

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Halfy Birthday to Miles

Miles rang in his 1.5 year birthday like a prince. I arrived home to both kids yelling “ta-da” and showing me their beautifully painted faces. . We had some wonderful fajitas for dinner and then a 6 minute chocolate cake with home made whipped cream for desert. Miles reveled while Ruby led the group in […]

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Roast Report

Last night I roasted my first batch of coffee in 5 years. It was a Sulawesi Enrekang “Mount Alla” (from Sweet Maria’s, of course). I roasted it to Full City, as recommended. The first shot was sweet, earthy and fruited (apparently fruity isn’t good), with a tiny bit of sour. The sour was most likely […]

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My Talk

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Making the World More Beautiful

I spend a lot of time thinking about how I’m going to leave this world better than I found it. This is a bugaboo of a thing to spend any time worrying about because the scope is grossly un-bracketed. I could satisfy my sense of social responsibility by creating an organization that brings food or […]

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