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Position Report: April 22, 2016

Position: 0º 8.166′ S 98º 20.688′ E Arrived at Sipikia under moonlit sky last night. Coming around an enormous surf break without light is pretty disconcerting, even when you’ve got satellite view, charts, and radar all corroborating that the reef is where it should be. It went smoothly though, and we had enough energy left […]

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Position Report: April 18, 2016

Position: 0º 34.44′ N 97º 44.064′ E Arrived in Lagundri, amidst surfers and world class break. We ran out of fuel and had to sail in, which was a bit hairy, but I’m so grateful that we had the wind to do it. S/v No Regrets was right behind us offering support. It’s so reassuring […]

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Position Report: April 14, 2016

Position: 2º 10.332′ N 96º 38.94′ E We arrived at Pulau Lasai this morning after an exciting night of dodging shrimp boats and lightning squalls. This place is gorgeous. The kids rate is as their second favorite after Suwarrow. The water clarity is superb (50-100′), the snorkeling is reported to be excellent, and the island […]

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Position Report: April 13, 2016

Position: 2º 58.536′ N 95º 57.258′ E We are just off Pulau Simelu now, but it’s too late to make landfall tonight. Beyond that, we heard of a lovely little island just south of here that we are eager to see. We should make it before midday tomorrow. Today was spent mostly motoring. The kids […]

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Position Report: April 12, 2016

Position: 4º 59.034′ N 95º 11.418′ E The anchorage was so rolly last night that we gave up on sleeping by 4:30am. This allowed us to make a early start and, with good wind, we were able to sail all day. The downside was that the swell continued well out to sea. Lucky for us […]

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Position Report: April 10, 2016

Position: 5º 29.616′ N 95º 13.542′ E Mainland Sumatra is gorgeous folks. We opted to anchor tonight rather than make passage and it seems like the right choice. Sharing the anchorage with us are Zuleka, Salt Breaker, and Peregrine. It will be tough to pry ourselves away from the beach and promise of sightseeing. We’ll […]

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