Position Report: May 19, 2016

May 19, 2016

Position: 7º 10.278′ S 101º 17.28′ E
When I hired Bob Perry to advise me on which boat to circumnavigate on, he hammered into me that “seakindly” was not a word, and that was too ambiguous to be used in serious discussions about a boat’s qualities. I accept the venerable man’s critique, but today, crossing our first segment of open Indian , with the crossing our bows at 12-15 knots I thought “to be close reaching in 15 knots in open ocean, and to say ‘I love sailing’ must be the definition of kindly.”

The rest of the spent much of the day acclimating to the motion, which is to say, battling nausea. We ate lightly, of leftovers, and slept much. Tonight Vick will serve up a pot of rice and some soup.

The seas have organized some though, and seem to agree that SSE is the direction to come from. We are all hoping for a slightly smoother ride tomorrow.

All is well.



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