Position Report: May 11, 2016

May 11, 2016

Position: 3º 17.1′ S 100º 26.952′ E
Moved anchorage this morning to a less rolly spot. This anchorage is closer to a little as well.

At one point in the afternoon we were visited by a group of local kids in dugout canoes. One of them was leaking pretty seriously, but the kids were having fun bailing it, flipping it over, and bailing it again. , little boy that he is, jumped right in and started trying to plug the holes. He started with paper towel, then a piece of rope. They used various items to shove the rope into the hole, and perhaps even had some . These kids didn’t speak Bahasa (some local language) so we didn’t even have the barest communication with them. Watching Miles help out fellow mariners filled my heart with pride.

In other news, Vick made mint truffles to share with our as a “ present.” All is well.



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