Position Report: April 14, 2016

April 14, 2016

Position: 2º 10.332′ N 96º 38.94′ E
We arrived at Pulau Lasai this morning after an exciting night of dodging shrimp and lightning squalls.

This place is gorgeous. The kids rate is as their second favorite after . The clarity is superb (50-100′), the snorkeling is reported to be excellent, and the is deserted. We share the anchorage with “On Vera,” another US flagged from Alameda.

The kids and had a swim to shore, made a raft, and designed our next few day’s entertainment while I caught up on sleep from the . Tomorrow we may build a hermit crab racetrack, or a foot massage parlor, or a bonfire, or perhaps we’ll do it all. I think, despite the abysmal internet, that we will not be leaving too quickly.

All is well.



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