Position Report: March 30, 2016

March 31, 2016

Position: 7º 11.988′ N 97º 24.612′ E
We were off to a strong start today, 7.5 knots (SOG) under sail, with following wind and sea. By noon we were motoring with the most unbelievable short beam chop (<1 meter, but ANGRY). Confused currents, eddies, and calms were the soup of the day, and by dinner it was so unpleasant that Vick had to tag out of the galley to avoid getting sick (a rare event around here).

I finished cooking her green curry (yum) and we ate in the cockpit with a gorgeous setting sun to starboard. The kids read and colored and goofed around, and Vick took advantage of the familial harmony to start her off watch a little early. Shortly after she was down, the sea state settled and the modest wind clocked aft enough to put the jib out, which further settled our motion.

It’s dark, and I’ve just done what I hope to be the final tuning of the radar. The AIS and radar agree on targets now and the radar tends to pick them up long before AIS does, which is reassuring.

Hoping the wind picks up enough to sail tonight through our arrival on Friday.

All is well.



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