Position Report: April 01, 2016

March 31, 2016

Position: 5º 53.34′ N 95º 19.218′ E
We arrived in Sabang at the crack of dawn. I was surprised by the lack of FADs and other obstructions as we approached, surprised but grateful. The sunrise was brilliant red, and high altitude lightning made it look as though the gods of yore were having it out.

Shortly after the anchor was down I took a quick nap (having missed my off-watch) and then went in to sort out the officialdom. I was gently chastised for coming to shore and told to go back to my boat with the Quarantine guy. They did a thorough(ish) search and gave us the all clear. I’m waiting until the end of prayer to finish the formalities.

Sabang is pretty and welcoming. We are looking forward to exploring!

All is well.



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