Position Report: February 21, 2016

February 20, 2016

Position: 6º 37.92′ N 99º 36.69′ E
Arrived in Ko Tarutao after an exhilarating sail. Most of the day was spent beam reaching with 10 knots of wind, but sudden and frequent gusts would have us heeled over and rounding up. These were more or less predictable, and we got into the grove early and had a fun little sail.

What wasn’t so predictable was the engine overheating, which happened when we were really ready to be at anchor. We shut it down and sailed in to the anchorage. Once we were safely hooked, I pried the cover off the fresh water reservoir and was shocked to see it empty. I check it regularly, and it’s never even needed a top up. Luckily, I had some coolant in my stores, and it seems to be holding it’s fluid now. Mystery…

We are currently out of internet range and expect to be so for the rest of the week.

All is well.



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