Position Report: February 06, 2016

February 6, 2016

Position: 6º 18.612′ N 99º 50.754′ E
. Finally. I can not believe we are here.
The day was beautiful for sailing. Slightly overcast with wind generally just forward of the beam at 10-15 knots. We had a few squalls, which I figured was just like taking a car to the car wash after it’s been in the garage. The kids didn’t have any trouble re-adjusting, but Vick and I both had a few land-lubber moments.

I did worry that we wouldn’t make Kuah harbor (and our reunion with Peregrine) by dark, but then the winds picked up and we raced up the coast of the outer islands with 30± knots of wind on the nose. Convivia was doing 8ish knots with her smooth new bottom. It was the perfect first sail after so many days on the hard.

It’s so good to be cruising again. All is well.



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