Position Report: November 12, 2015

November 12, 2015

Position: 0º 41.682′ S 105º 46.608′ E
Last night was a gauntlet run. Early in the evening we almost ran over a fishing net. We discovered that fishing boats in that region used a convention of green all around lights on the bow, white working lights astern and a “blinky light” at the end of their mile long nets. This allowed us, with some complication and a lot of nail biting to navigate safely through a dozen or so boats over the next 4 hours. Then I went off watch. When I woke up, we were in a different convention that defied our pattern recognition abilities. We concluded that the pattern was chaos and just pressed forward with a wholly inadequate bow watch (flashlights don’t go far in high humidity).

We were grateful for the dawn’s early light!

The highlight of the day yesterday was a midsea swim. We pulled up close to the idle Peregrine and cut our engine. Then Trevor and I cleaned the props while the kids swam. Eventually we tied a line between the boats and went to Peregrine for a refreshing and delicious cold brew coffee. Sadly the current was against us a a knot, so after an hour of fun, we had to be on our way.

Today is a combination of motorsailing and motoring. Not the most fun, but beats an office job!

All is well.



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