Position Report: November 03, 2015

November 3, 2015

Position: 2º 42.21′ S 108º 20.712′ E
It’s day 2 (of our 1.8 day passage). We are sailing (er, at least at the moment) from Pulau Param to Belitung. The wind died early, and we ended up motoring for 24 straight hours. Bru tal. What is more brutal than the constant drone of a diesel, is sweating from your eyelids. That is a thing. It is, in fact, a thing I have been thinking about quite a lot lately, as I search for something that isn’t already damp with sweat to mop said eyelids and their surrounds.

That said, the nights are glorious. Right now we are ghosting along at 2.3 knots in anchorage still seas. The temperature is warm enough that I can sit around in my underwear all night, and there are enough fishing boats to keep us vigilant.

Couple that with the amazing mango bars that Ruby made this morning (which covered both breakfast and dessert today), and a hearty lentil curry for dinner and I’m generally feeling a lot less grumpy than my first paragraph (and daytime self) may have indicated.

We should arrive tomorrow, and here’s hoping that Belitung has ice cream (and ice for margaritas). It will be well earned.

All is well.

*I was commenting earlier that this whole passage has been the best anchorage we’ve had in ages.



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