Position Report: October 25, 2015

October 24, 2015

Position: 5º 51.498′ S 110º 25.722′ E
Arrived in Karimun Jawa after a pretty excellent overnight passage. There were fewer boats than our last passage and the conditions were such that we never had to put up our mainsail. It was DDW sailing under the jib the whole way. We experimented with keeping our speed down, both to stay in range of Peregrine and to arrive at optimal conning time.

One hour into my off-watch the kids started yelling and I was about to get really upset until I realized that they were yelling “FISH ON.” I lept up in time to see Vick hauling a gorgeous Mahi-mahi aboard. I filleted and washed it before attempting to go back to sleep. Sadly, sleep eluded me and I decided to just go for three delicious cups of coffee in lieu of sleep. My plan was a success and I am still awake at 5pm.

Gwynn and Trevor are coming over for fish tacos tonight and we’ll rage hardcore until 7ish when we all fall asleep wherever we happen to be sitting 🙂 One might say “why not wait until tomorrow night to rage,” but I will tell you, we have put that line out a thousand times, with Vick putting on a pot of black beans “just in case” and when our fish finally came in, there is no possibility of restraint.



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