Position Report: September 27, 2015

September 27, 2015

Position: 8º 3.03′ S 118º 24.792′ E
Today we passed the longitudinal half way point to our destination (Round Pond, ME). From here on we will be getting closer to home.

In inadvertent celebration of this monumentous occasion, I broke a crown. We figure Lombok is the closest dentist (that I would trust), so we are passage making to western Sumbawa tonight, to be in striking distance if it becomes an emergency.

In the meantime we are living like royalty here. Vick baked bread again, made granola (“Vick, there is something very toothlike in my granola… Oh, that’s my tooth “), started sprouts, made yogurt, and topped it all off with a reviculous savory sticky rice dinner. I just sailed the boat.

Tonight we are sailing in company with Perigrine, under a nearly full moon. Good times.

All is well




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