Position Report: September 26, 2015

September 26, 2015

Position: 8º 24.39′ S 119º 18.708′ E
“You know, I really was looking forward to the B Anchorage,” said Vick. I had just set our course for the C anchorage; a spit of sand about a half mile long on the NE end of Gili Banta. After a quick VHF call with Peregrine, we all changed course for B. It was the best decision of the week.

This anchorage is located on a tiny outcrop of sand in an expanse of coral. The greater bay is a caldera, steep, majestic, and austere. When we dropped the anchor in 65′ we could see it land in sand, which was reassuring but also, it was 65′ deep and you could see the bottom.

After a few rounds of popcorn and some burritos, we loaded our gear into Fatty and headed out looking for good coral gardens and maybe some crayfish for dinner. We didn’t score on the crustaceans but found some amazing coral, and fish, including a couple of gorgeous (giant) speckled grouper.

After dinner (butternut squash and tofu curry on sticky rice), we headed to the beach to collect firewood. By sunset we had a nice blaze going and we sat (and stood) around the fire, the kids roasting mini-marshmallows, while the tide crept ever closer. We ended up moving the fire three times before calling it a night at cruiser’s midnight (9pm).

Tomorrow we leave the Komodos and head for Sambawa. We’re not really sure of the plan, which is just fine with all of us.

All is well.



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