Position Report: September 22, 2015

September 22, 2015

Position: 8º 39.018′ S 119º 42.738′ E
Anchor down on Rinca, Komodo National Park, Indonesia. We spent at least an hour looking for a good anchorage and finally dropped down right across from the Ranger Station.

Today was the first time on our trip where I found our Navionics Charts to be so hideously off that they weren’t even useful as a reckoning tool. It currently shows me anchored mid island. There was once in Samoa and one time in Tonga where it was a bit off, but this is ridiculous, especially for a heavily traveled destination. Luckily I downloaded satellite images before leaving Ende and had a very clear picture of where it was safe to go. Still not recommended for night approach (if you’re even into that)

Looking forward to birthday cake and dragons tomorrow. All is well




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