Photos From Tahuata and Ua Pou

I fear I may sound like a broken record if I continue to extol the many virtues and superlatives of these remote, exotic, and vibrant islands. So rather than continue along that path, I will just share a few photos of our time in Tahuata (where we got the tattoos) and Ua Pou (where live the friendliest people in the Marquesas). Hopefully these varied snapshots will capture the essence of our last 2 weeks in a way that words can’t.


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One thought on “Photos From Tahuata and Ua Pou”

  1. Those pictures are so beautiful! It makes you feel very small and sheltered to be unaware that such beauty is out there, just waiting to be discovered. I can’t even imagine the memories of discovering such beauty with your family. We live through your adventures, so keep the pictures coming! Enjoy your adventures and stay safe!

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