First Days of Passage

March 21, 2012

The first two days of passage making went quickly. We got into our grove after about 12 hours. Ruby got to drawing (some pretty amazing stuff really) and Miles pretended to blow things up. Vick and I just stared out at the sea and (I at least) tried to wrap my head around what we were about to do.

Day 1 put 170 nautical miles under our keel. For the non-cruisers out there, this is a pretty astonishing pace. We were moving 7.5-9 knots with winds off the beam for most of the ocean time (Banderas Bay was quite a bit slower). The sea state was miserable with 2m swell at 15 seconds on the beam. Miles got sick once and then declared “I’m all done being sick now.” And he was!

Day 2 we woke up to find that our spinnaker had washed overboard during the night. I should have known better than to have left it strapped to the bow. We had almost lost it once before in similar seas. That will be an expensive lesson, both in replacement cost and in the miles/day that we will loose on our crossing.

Day 3 I came back on watch early because the wind had clocked off to our stern and the sails wouldn’t stay full. This would have been a really great time to launch a spinaker. I decided that there was no use worrying about what I didn’t have and pulled our drifter out. With the main down and the drifter up we are now making a measly 5 knots, but at least we are moving.

Despite the mild sea sickness and the loss of equipment we are generally in good spirits. Victoria is reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to the kids as I write this and we are planning to juice up some of the pineapple and banana to make a smoothie. If the wind cooperates we could make it to the Marquesas in as little as 15 days. If not, maybe 24.

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