Sailing Other Boats

March 21, 2011

“Ya think we should go out sailing tonight?”  This kind of question only has one answer. I checked with Vick quickly and when I got the okay I popped back up the companion way to give that right answer.

Thirty minutes or so later Ruby, Miles, Victoria, and I joined Chris on his for an early sail. The wind was howling in the harbor so we donned our foulies and embarked with a week’s worth of snacks and things to distract the kids. We motored out the channel and set the sail in about 2 seconds flat. Chris had her all set up for a reef, and within another minute we had the genny out and the main tied down. I love smaller keel . We had an exhilarating beat upwind towards the Berkeley Pier and then tacked and fell off to a reach that tucked us in the lee of Treasure Island. Once we got on a starboard tack everything settled down and we took hoods off and loosened our coat collars.

We enjoyed the motion on the reach and decided to try going further downwind. A jibe later we were wing on wing (with the whisker pole on the foredeck) heading back to the channel. We flew home at 5-6 knots (surfing a bit) and sailed right into the harbor. Just in the harbor I asked Chris what he thought about sailing up to the end tie. A few seconds of careful consideration later we were making our plan of approach. The went like clockwork and we came to rest kissing the .

The best part of sailing on someone else’s boat is that when you are done sailing you just hop off and go home. I helped flake the sail and coil up the and halyards. But anything else that needed doing was done by our gracious skipper. That and the surprise of a Monday night adventure made for a pretty awesome sail!



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