Ship’s Log: Emeryville -> Paradise Cove

February 5, 2011

We are bobbing at in the most aptly named harbor I’ve ever been to. is at the northern border of Tiburon and seems to have perennial warm days (judging by the homes here, it’s paid for). When we arrived the was populated by a dozen or so motor and sail boats. By the time we got back from the beach there were three sailboats (all of them are here for the night).

The sail over was interesting. We had strong consistent winds out of the WNW for most of the morning. As we started bending towards the lee of Angel Island the winds just stopped. Not just in our locale, but as far as I could clearly see. We motored for a while and then finally (just past Raccoon Straights) got a good puff. This built into a solid breeze that we rode all the way into the Cove.

Vick motored around while I furled the jib and flaked the main, and then I took the helm and brought to her spot. We reset the breaker (our childproofing) and Vick monitored as I dropped the anchor and backed down on our ground tackle. The difference in helm feel was astounding (compared to our old rode and 35lb CQR) and I knew without having to double check that we would hold firm through the night.

Anchorage Notes:
I was shocked how little information there was on the internet regarding this anchorage. It’s really a beautiful spot, and with the it couldn’t be easier to get a solid grab. I read in the Cruiser’s Guide Guide to The San Francisco Bay that north of the pier is the sweet spot. As this is my first night here, I have nothing to compare it to, but I can say that I don’t see any escaping the rolling that the bring.

This brings me to my real concern about this anchorage. None of the scant information I found mentioned unsafe anchoring conditions for this spot. This is a peculiar omission but I would wager that in a strong NE or E blow you would not want to spend a night, as it seems completely unprotected from those directions.

With exception to the ferries (and other rude boaters) I would highly recommend Paradise Cove for a lunch or overnight stay.



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