Anchor of My Dreams

February 5, 2011

We’re on our new anchor for the first time. When we started telling everyone that we were leaving this year for our cruise the sailors around us came out of the woodwork with offers of help to make things happen.  Over the past few weeks we’ve purchased and installed our Rocna 33, our Lewmar V3 Windlass, and 300 feet of G40 HT 5/16″ chain. We bought our anchor used, as a return to the store, for about a third of the retail price.  The windlass and chain were also purchased at excellent prices. Still, for the cost of all of this ground tackle we could have stayed in a marina for a long long time.  But staying in a marina is not our plan.

We dropped the hook this afternoon in Paradise Cove in Tiburon.  Shortly after we got settled Ruby and Miles both said something along the lines, “I want to anchor out every day.” And so do we. Having a reliable anchor was our top priority in outfitting our boat since it will both keep our home where we put it and be our insurance policy.  When we travel to Mexico this fall and explore the South Pacific  the following spring and summer everything we own will depend on our anchor every day (well, there will be a few overnights and then a few weeks of overnights in there that we won’t stop moving at all).  Our anchor gives us the freedom to explore the world with a certain amount of self sufficiency.

Since it’s only our first night and we’re in a well protected cove with little current or wind and no swell other than the wake of the ferry boats, this is certainly not my review of the holding power of our Rocna.  I think I’m going to love it though.  These anchors have an incredible reputation in the sailing world, even just among my friends:

Oh how I want a Rocna….

AbsoLUTEly! I ♥ my Rocna!

oh yeah.

I am in green with envy mode.

you’ll be psyched – miscalculated when anchoring today, and the rocna dug in like a champ with 2:1 – pretty impressive…

Nothing like a bright, shiny new anchor to make the ♥ glad.

I’ve wanted an anchor tattoo for years, but I’ve always said that I wouldn’t get it until I had a good story first.  In years past sailors might have gotten an anchor tattoo after crossing an ocean. It is often symbolic of well grounded hope and a well spent life. I’m not sure when or if the tattoo will come but I already feel the hope and excitement of a well spent life.

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