Naming Convivia

January 26, 2011

a boat is harder than our kids”

- circa April 2010

We started our naming process with  brainstorming. A page (dated April 5th 2010) in my notebook lists the following words:

Reliable Wishful
Romantic Just
Journey Ideal
Elemental (Earth, Wind, Water, Fire) Strong
Dream Principaled
Diligence Sunrise/set
Perseverance Harmony
Balance Joy

We made this list one evening and then came back to it over the course of a few nights. Somewhere in the next few days we started to orbit around convivial as an apt word to describe how we wanted our floating home to be perceived. I spent some time trying to make convivial into a noun and arrived at . Thinking that it would mean “with life” in Latin, I took to the interwebs. I was surprised to find that it was actually a latin word meaning a banquet or party. Both definitions, we decided, were perfect.

So whether you take the origin word (convivial: , , ), the connotative Latin word (convivia: party or feast) or the denotative Latin (convivia: with life), our boat name conveys the joux de vie that we have found since moving aboard.



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