Ship’s Log: Oct 16th — Santa Cruz -> Monterrey

October 16, 2010

We enjoyed a wonderful farewell brunch with Mike at Linda’s Seabreeze Cafe and then walked back to . We quickly got her ship shape and were off the fuel by noon. The harbor exit was a breeze and we got the up pretty quickly. Within a half hour the wind had picked up and were were doing a solid 5.5 knots on a rhumb line for Monterrey. By 2pm both kids were napping and Vick and I were sitting in the cockpit with big grins on our faces as the tiller pilot steered us on a beam reach at 7+ knots. The wind was fair and the , while not entirely consistent, was longer period than previous days, so we felt much better overall. The took almost precisely 4 hours, which is what Mike had promised us over brunch. The way he said it was so definitive that it wasn’t until later that I started thinking “What about wind speed, direction, or ???”

About two out we hailed the harbormaster on the VHF. We had some trouble bringing him up on channel 05 so we switched to cellular and were assigned our slip. We dowsed the sails more quickly than usual and were pretty well buttoned up as we entered the harbor. I made it into our new slip on the second pass and we scrambled to get the rest of the ship tied down so that we could go explore on .

We walked all over the downtown and historic districts before we settled on the Turtle Bay Taqueria. As it turns out that was a poor choice but at least we didn’t have to do any dishes. We had a super fun back . I would goofy run ahead of the kids and then faux hide behind some ridiculously small shrub and then jump out and “scare” the kids. They would laugh till their sides split and then beg me to do it again which, of course, I would.

When we got back to Convivia we had a final snack (I know!) and brushed, jammied, and read the kids to bed. Tomorrow we’re looking forward to checking out the aquarium. Early next week we will head around the point to for a few nights at anchor.



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