Ships Log: Oct 9, 2010 — Emery Cove -> Half Moon Bay

October 10, 2010

, , & Cian met us at at the appointed time as we were finishing up our preparations. I called Carl to see if we could use his harness and he helped haul Victoria and I up the mast to do various checks and fixes. We pumped out and tried to fill up the diesel but had some trouble with the automated machine. By noon we were out on the water. We had a more or less uneventful through the Fleet Week crowds save for one near brush with a boat that I didn’t see to our lee. The passengers of that fine craft were kind enough to flip us off and yell something about .

Once we recovered from the  of that encounter we had a really spectacular (slack tide) slide under the Golden Gate Bridge. The seas were practically flat and the wind was substantial enough to push us along at 5-6 knots.  We tacked a few times and made it out to the first buoy where we headed off towards . As we passed Point San Pedro the wind dropped off to nothing and we finally decided (in the interest of familial harmony) to turn on the windmaker and b-line it for the . Within an hour we were surrounded in pea-soup and relying heavily on the between glimpses of shoreline landmarks.

We made a safe approach to the harbor around 6pm. I called the harbor master and got a guest slip at the end of E dock. We pulled in to find another fishing boat taking up more than half of the dock, but I executed a lovely figure eight like maneuver and sidled up to the dock using the prop walk. By 6:30 we were powered by the dock and Victoria was cooking up the beans and franks.

We had an awesome dinner with lots of smiles good wine, and great conversation and the kids fell asleep practically on their own. We aren’t totally sure, but we think this may have been our longest day (in continuous miles) yet.

Tomorrow, Half Moon Bay -> Monterrey

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