This is Miles

August 25, 2010

This is Miles. Click for better resolution

This is Miles. I feel like I’ve just begun to know him. Recently he’s been relating his observations to us with his own clever interpretations. I find myself constantly amused, inspired, and uplifted as I watch this little interact with the world. He’s developing a wit that he casually melds with his uncomplicated but somehow sophisticated (for a 2 year old) understanding of how people and things .

Recently he was talking to us about death. He stated without aparent concern that each of us (Ruby, Mama, Aunt Kate, , Michael, and Daddy) will die some day. Then he continued with, “when I die, I want to be next to a volcano.” We all looked at each other, stunned, and nodded.

I have so much to learn from and about these two!



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