Boat Drinks: Perfect Pineapple & Tropical Daydream

August 10, 2010

Prior to moving aboard we determined that one of the must have items for life aboard was a VitaMix blender. I surprised by presenting her with said blender on her birthday, and ever since have been monopolizing the thing to make all manner of drinks. Today I will share my two favorites.

Perfect Banana :

1/2 fresh pineapple (sliced in 3 or 4 large slabs)

2 bananas (whole)

Juice of two limes (fresh please)

A generous handful of ice

until silky smooth and drink immediately

1/2 cup of flakes blended to powder

1 banana

juice of one lime

2oz Dark

2oz Citrónge

a cup or so of frozen pineapple (we used all the fresh last night)

Blend until smooth

…and yes, parrot head friends, I am listening to as I write this post and sip my Tropical Daydream.



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