Emery Cove -> Richmond

May 24, 2010

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The crew (, , Jon, , and I) met at B dock at noon. The sky was clear blue and the was tame. It was looking like a perfect day. We made our way out of the harbor and down the channel and set the sails with a double reef and about 100% of the genoa. We made two tacks around the Berkeley Pier and then cut a long fast tack all the way to the Richmond channel marker. From there we came about and headed to Paradise Cove and then back up around Red Rock.

By the time we started that last leg the wind was really ripping and we had to throw a little more furl into the .  Unfortunately the furling line had been cinched tight against its own coil and we had to use the secondary to back it off. This added a little to the day but it came out okay after a few tries.

We rounded Red Rock and picked a DDW run all the way back to the beginning of the Richmond channel. I decided to strike the main (we had doused the genoa already) before entering the channel. This was (it now seems inevitable) the worst of the day’s wind and wind waves. Karen, Dave and I were working the sea furl into the main and getting thoroughly doused while simultaneously hanging onto the boom for dear life. We finally got the under control and headed back into the channel. Once in we learned that the savvy sailors in this part of the take their sails down in the lee of the breakwater, well inside the channel. If only I knew then…

Despite a few dramatic moments I credit the day as a resounding success and look forward to bringing Convivia back next .

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