Nautical Anniversary Gifts

February 26, 2010

At this point —with a week to go until sea trial and surveys, and another week until closing—I’m doing whatever I can to distract myself. Today’s post is the product of and my lunch this summer. We were waiting for our food to come and, as always, dreaming about sailboats. So without further ado, our Gifts List:

  1. Line/Rode (rope)
  2. Bottom Paint
  3. Canvas
  4. Bottom Paint
  5. Brass
  6. Bottom Paint
  7. Nav Equipment
  8. Bottom Paint
  9. Ground Tackle
  10. Dacron
  11. Auxiliary Power (wind/solar/etc.)
  12. Bottom Paint
  13. Navigation Equipment (auto pilot, windvane, chart plotter, sextant)
  14. Teak
  15. Bottom Paint
  16. Rigging
  17. Rigging
  18. Bottom Paint
  19. Communications Equipment
  20. Fiberglass (new boat)

Now that we know what type of boat we’re going to be , we probably would add varnish. Then again, that’s going to be a continuous task, so maybe not. I would to hear your ideas!



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  1. Comment by victoria

    victoria May 26, 2010 at 1:55 pm

    I just noticed that this year is power. How about a new inverter for our anniversary? Does that count?

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