In Defense of Brightwork

February 24, 2010

Throughout our boat buying process one theme has dominated the advice our friends have bestowed upon us—”Keep the to a minimum.” “Oh sure, it looks nice, but who wants to spend all their time varnishing.” The message was so pervasive that we dramatically changed our search criteria for a while to accommodate this tenet of modern . In the end, as you can see, we chose one of the most shiny boats available in fiberglass. We made this choice with our eyes wide open because, at the end of the day, a beautiful boat is as important to us as where we it to. It took some major soul searching for us to accept our preference but as I now realize the decision had already been made when we started dreaming about this .

So it was with great satisfaction and joy that I found this wonderful post on sailnet by another sailor that feels the same way that I do about wood. For those of you who are—like me—aesthetically bound to brightwork; for those who keep coming back to the teak, despite their friends/realatives/advisors sternest warnings, I bid you welcome. And to those of you who care not for the shiny high sparkle of varnished wood, by all means avail yourself of the sleek fast lines that modern cruisers provide.



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