Night Terrors

January 7, 2009

Ruby has been having night terrors for a year or so now. If you’re a parent and haven’t experienced this, be very grateful. The first time it happens its terrifying (for all parties). After the initial scare, you at least know its coming, but its incredibly draining, and always worrisome.

Thankfully, in our case, we’ve found a way to stave off the night terrors, and I wanted to share it with anyone that might share this awful burden. When Ruby “wakes” with night terrors I run into her room. I don’t say anything, but pick her up and hold her tight. I then sway like I did when she was a baby. I think this last part is what soothes her.

So far I’ve been able to avoid full fledged terrors this way four times. If you have experience with night terrors, and especially if you’ve found a way to help your child recover, please comment.



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