California Academy of Science

January 6, 2009

The whole family went up to San Francisco today to try out the California Academy of Science. We were led to believe that it might not be age appropriate for our kids (1 and 4), but in our opinion it was a slam dunk.

The museum is a combination of aquarium, planetarium, 3D Movie theater, and natural history museum (in fact, it may be more than that). Both kids were fascinated the whole way though, and Vick and I had a great time, both with the exhibits and with our children’s exhibit of joy and wonder.

As if that weren’t enough, the food was amazing. We had fresh spring rolls, turkey sandwich, fries (amazing fries) and a veggie bun for lunch, and then came back later for a latte, creme du pot tart, ice cream sandwich and caramel creme du pot.



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