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November 24, 2008

Things are moving so quickly now its hard to remember to stop and reflect. Ruby started taking Aikido with me two weeks ago. She’s the youngest kid in her class, but she’s taken to it with her usual enthusiasm and I think she’s doing quite well.

Miles is talking a lot now, and signing clearly. He’s learned the signs for nurse and potty (1 & 2) and occasionally signs for food, hat, and all-done. He has quite clearly said “That”, “This”, “Bed”, “Dada”,”Mamama” (that last ma was intentional), “Eat”, “Nurse”, and “all done”. There are some others that I think I must just be hearing.

Yesterday, at the farmer’s market, Vick surprised Ruby by inviting her on an adventure. The two ran off to catch the train. They went to Palo Alto and went out for fro-yo. Miles and I finished our farmer’s market shopping, and went home for a nap. When he woke up we all rendezvoused in Palo Alto for a great lunch at Sprouts. Ruby really needed that time with Vick, and we’ve all noticed a distinct improvement in their relationship.

For my part, I’ve really been enjoying Aikido. I like my classmates a lot, and our teacher is amazing. I’ve been playing guitar a lot too. I wrote two new songs, one of which is a little out of reach. That’s a fun challenge.

We’re looking forward to having thanksgiving with our friends the Logans this year, but are sad to be missing our family in New England. Which reminds me, Ruby started singing Christmas songs a week or so ago, and its non-stop now. I tired to enforce the “no Christmas songs before Thanksgiving” rule, but she’s apparently not observing that.



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    Abigail November 24, 2008 at 12:18 pm

    One-on-one time with either kid goes a long way around here too. It’s hard to come by, though.

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