Coffee: Drip

October 11, 2008

Knowing that I’m a coffee snob, my friends often consult with me before purchasing a coffee machine or espresso machine. I long ago honed in on my combo, and don’t usually have the most up to the minute product information. This morning, as I was cleaning up the espresso machine, Vick told me about a good article that she was reading about coffee machines. “They’re talking about brew temp and extraction time”, she said. “Link me up”, I replied. The article was well written and closely reflects my views on what makes a good cup. [Check it out](

If you want to cut right to the chase, the machine they picked is the [KBT741 by Technivorm](

If you’re wondering what that sweet combo I mentioned above is, here’s your answer. I use an Isomac Rituale with a Rancilio Rocky Grinder. When I travel I use a cuptop filter. You can’t beat the packing size, or the coffee it produces, just remember to get a good solid boil and pour it over the coffee quickly (fill that filter up).



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