The Great Wake Fakeout

October 1, 2008

Miles generally wakes up a few times between 6:30 (when we put him down) and 11pm when we go to bed for the night. Vick goes in and nurses him, and he’s usually back to sleep in about five minutes. Since we returned from vacation, he’s been having a little bit of trouble settling back in, so I’ve been going in to play guitar (which tends to settle him down).

Tonight, I went in with the guitar and played for a few minutes. He seemed to be relaxed, so I stopped playing. He sat straight up in bed, and looked as if he was going to get down and go for a walk. Vick and I both held our breath, afraid to move or say anything. He lunged as if he was going to get out of bed and then, quite unexpectedly, fell flat on his face (in bed) and fell back asleep. It was all I could do to not crack up laughing on the spot.



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